my favorite proof

the infamous 200+ byler document

read here.. some parts are interesting i swear

smore proof treads


byleranalysis's full account tbh

i love byler so much its one of my otps atm and i need them to be canon they make me so happy


THISS byler scene (fuck you duffer brothers)

headcanons i ♥
(all taken from tumblr..& sfw since theyre 15)

when mike and will were little they definitely said theyd get married and live together so they could be bffs for life

mike probably smacks himself in the face anytime he thinks about will romantically, saying “get it together, mike”

he knew he liked will for sure when will hugged him and mike felt like fireworks exploded inside of his stomach

mike is pretty touchy. he always finds an excuse for hugs, kisses, and anything small

they’ll lay in bed together and listen to music for hours. just holding each other

will’s love language is quality time and he loves to hang out; just playing dnd, catching a new movie, drawing and painting his loved ones

mike once saw someone giving away chickens for free so of course on impulse, he put all of them in his car and brought them home to surprise will, who was not mad, just disappointed

mike being a writer and will being an artist, they make comic books together based on their adventures from the upside down when they were kids

as a will kin i relate to his feelings so hard its embarassing

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