kin list ig

food: pupusas, crumbl choco chip cookies
snack: pirates booty ()
show(s): south park and swarm
animal: stout
game: splatoon
book: the outsiders and diary of a wimpy kid
my chemical romance, weezer, calpurnia, queen, korn, the cure, tally hall/miracle musical, willwood, the smiths, mother mother, tv girl, abba, nirvana, the crane wives, the aubreys, joy division, mitski, gorillaz, marina and the diamonds, radiohead


ziggy - afro caribbean + colombian - 16 - xe/it

while coding is one of my passtimes, i love rhythm games such as ensemble stars and project diva. i also have a thing for ARGS, analog horror, and just horror movies in general. ironic since im currently fixated on an arg called welcome home. other spooky things im into include boisvert, walten files, and mandela catalouge.i usually watch true crime and horror videos from channels such as goose boose, tuv, wowman, EWU, and JCS. other than that, i watch youtubers such as kwite, macdoesit, j aubrey, razzle, coryxkenshin, izzyizzz, the right opinion, and moistcritikal. my favorite movie atm is scott pilgrim vs the world, and im currently watching community (season 2).

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