A kind and determined individual, Arashi is known for her playful streak and ability to raise her voice when she's needed. She often finds it necessary to protect someone who is going through a tough time, and she would do anything in her power to ensure that those who are important to her are protected. Unfortunately, her tendency to be overly controlling and overbearing sometimes results in her being unable to maintain a peaceful environment.

However, she is extremely protective of friends, sometimes to the point of wishing to inflict physical injury on those who harm said friends.She dislikes the idea of ditching other precious friends when they're in a pinch.
She is committed to the act of self-love, regularly declaring that she is the most lovely and that no remember how others sense about her, she loves herself. This act can also be used to cowl her insecurities, however she needs these round her to see their strengths and love themselves as well. Because it is implied Arashi was once mistreated and harm by way of friends in the past, she is extraordinarily passionate to the subject, to the factor of performing narcissistic to others—although, she's in no way denied being a narcissist. Arashi often proclaims, 'Above every body else, I love myself.' Although she feels like she may also no longer be capable to grow to be the perfect girl she goals of being, she's resolved to no longer bitch and let it depress her. She believes as lengthy as she loves herself, it would not matter.
Arashi is also a canon trans woman!