the most incoherent south park rambling session on neocities

where do i even start here.

stan and kyles friendship(?)

Let's begin with Stan and Kyle. Probably my FAVORITE pairing (romantically and platonically) in the entire show. Their friendship is always so wholesome and fun to watch. My favorite part of their dynamic has to be amount of angst the show throws at you if their friendship is ever tainted, mostly portrayed by Stan's dependance on his relationship with Kyle. In Quitar Queer-o, Stan completely lets himself go once Kyle left his side, resorting to (a metahorical depiction of) drugs in which he eventually got addicted to, and he quit once he realized he NEEDED Kyle. In Ass Burgers, Stan even starts to drink daily after an argument with Kyle and the rest of the group, which furthers his depression. Stan even admits to him that he loves him when he's drunk, but Kyle didn't hear him and left to hang out with Cartman at his new Cartman Burger business.

I'm gonna be honest. I actually really love them as a couple, ship even. Sometimes they act like a married couple. Other times whe they argue, it's played out as if a they're breaking up. I'm not sure where all the ship slander comes from, especially since it seems like such a healthy relationship (plus, Stan is the most likely of the main 4 to be gay, according to Matt and Trey. I wouldn't be shocked if this was hinting at a potential crush on Kyle).
Even in throughout the series, Cartman constantly teases the two of them, asking if they're going to 'make out' in one episode, and telling Stan that he can 'get back with' Kyle since it's almost Valentines Day in another. Not that it's canon style 'proof' or anything, just a funny little nod to the shippers of the fandom out there.

TLDR amazing pals, buddies even. Boyfriends if you must.


Mysterion is the best south park character. Yeah. He's the best, I don't make the rules. We have Kenny, an already beloved character and amazing older brother to Karen as is. Then, we add the fact that he's a badass super hero?? Sign me up??
I have to admit he got very nerfed in TFBW, but he's still very neat. The way Karen calls him her 'Guardian Angel' is also very cute! Yeah.

favorite 'forgotten' characters

There's many characters that appear in only one episode and NEVER come back. It's such a shame since some of these characters had a lot of potential and they're just..forgotten. So I'm just going to name a few characters I personally think should've had more screentime and are VERY underrated.

S11, EP6: Le Petit Tourette

Okay he isn't technically underrated because of a

Either way, he's a pretty cool character. He was made to depict tourettes, and I'm glad that Matt and Trey didn't take the opportunity to mock this disorder. Although Thomas's tics all being swears might be 'comedic' in a way, the episode he's in shows other kids with different types of verbal and physical tics. It also sheds a light on how alienating tourettes could be by Thomas thinking he'd be better off dead, since he was already a 'nuisance' to his father because of his condition, which is why he left his family. The depiction of this condition was very well-researched and respectful.
Back to Thomas. Despite his condition, his character is just very nice overall. He gets along well with Kyle because of their mutual hatred for Cartman and work very well together. It's a shame he doesn't appear anymore since him and Craig had some potential chemistry at the end of the episode. Perhaps a new friendship? That would've been cool.

Rebecca Cotswolds
S3, EP12: Hooked on Monkey Phonics

Rebecca is so cute!!! I miss her so much. She was the original Kyle love interest and I sometimes wish they'd actually get together. Their scenes together are very adorable, and they had a TON of potential. Sadly, of course, this never came to be.
I don't understand how she hasn't appeared ever again, since her brother, Mark Cotswolds, does. Maybe it's because she went back to homeschooling as previously stated in the episode she's in.

my favorite characters

i hate mintberry crunch

He's dumb. His whole motto is stupid. The fuck is a 'Shagbladoo' or whatever. It pisses me off so bad. He's a SLAVE owner, which only gives me more reasons to hate him. His fans are annoying. And he thinks he can insult Henrietta as if she isn't 100x better than he'll ever be. That's all. Hope he dies or something.

episodes i reccommend

  • Put it Down
  • The Poor Kid
  • Covid Specials (watch the Quarantine/Vaccine specials first though)
  • Damien
  • Pinkeye
  • Tweek vs Craig/Tweek x Craig
  • South Park is Gay!
  • Guitar Queer-o
  • The Ungroundable
  • Black Friday Trilogy/Superhero Arc