what is ???

Nazuna Nito directs this cute unit! Ra*bits is composed of individuals who are fresh and inexperienced when it comes to working in the media. Their work often consists of doing commercials for various brands, performing as kid-show characters, and reporting street events. Their primary goal is to create a positive impression through their work.



tomoya mashiro

he/him, 16

"A true actor makes the impossible possible and turns dreams into reality."

hajime shino

he/him, 15

"A "cheer up" from you will help me out."

mitsuru tenma

he/him, 16-17

"I want someone to tell me what's right and what's wrong!"

nazuna nito

he/him, 18-19

"It was the first time I thought I was glad I was an idol, I like being an idol, I want to be an idol."