theories..? (arg spoilers discussed!)

At the moment, I dont have an exact idea of what's going on, esp since the game just started. HOWEVER. i don't believe wally is as 'evil' as people make him out to be. sure, hes sentinent, but that doesn't mean he's a bad guy. He's usually seen around the website 'hiding' from something. The 'something' being unknown. I'm a strong supporter of the theory that its wally's home that's taking advantage of him, somehow someway. Using this logic, the thing wally could warning the viewer about in 'try again' could be home itself. But then again, I'm not very sure. I might update this section as the story progresses!!!

'Welcome Home is a horror project that focuses on unraveling the mystery surrounding a beloved 1970s childrens television show. You are to accompany a colorful cavalcade of puppets as their beloved neighborhood begins to skew and distort into a nightmarish memory that they can barely recall. Through illustrated books, recordings, and an array of old merchandise, you will find what dwells within this colorful home! Beneath its beautiful carpets, behind its gorgeous wallpaper, and deep within its breathing crevices! Fortunately, you have someone to keep you company and hold your hand as you walk down a path now long forgotten.'
- clownillustrations
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julie joyful appriciation!

some cool videos on 'Welcome Home' i've come across!
disclaimer! please keep in mind that 'welcome home' contains content depicting disturbing imagery,eye contact,gore,auditory unease,death/mental health issues,sudden movements, and derealization.

it is also important that we respect clown's boundaries, especially with recent events that have occurred. despite creating a wonderful series such as this, he is still human!!